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Meet some of the fabulous people behind everything
that we do ...


Jodie Wolfe



Naomi Elias

Market Leader - Central Canada


Sergei Startsev

Market Leader - Eastern Canada


Edgard Rivera

Market Leader - Central Zone USA

Photo Studio Lights

Kathleen Johnston 

Market Leader - Western Canada


Tameka Colston

Market Leader - Central Zone USA


Brian LeSaux



Andrea White

Market Leader - Central Canada


Mal Abenir

Market Leader - Western Canada


Nicole Smith

Market Leader - Central Zone USA

Photo Studio Lights

Jerrfey Allendorf

Market Leader - Mid West Zone USA


April Irvine

Account  Manager


Miguel Raphael

Market Leader - Central Canada


Sophie Coltellaro

Market Leader - Western Canada


Chaunielle Brown 

Market Leader - East Zone USA

Photo Studio Lights

Lex Green

Market Leader - West Zone USA

Our Story

J2 Retail Management Inc is privately held comprehensive retail organization that has pivoted to become a one stop shop to provide easy and efficient end to end solutions for the retail industry.


We are a well-established company, based in Toronto operating over 10 years. The company’s service offerings include logistics, and supply chain management, merchandising, e-commerce, creative  as well as several warehouse spaces around North America.


We are accomplished leaders in the retail industry. We represent some of the largest brands with over 600 Field Agents across North America. 

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